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Thread: Wbfs to Fat32

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    Wbfs to Fat32

    Hello everyone: I currently have some games on a 2T usb drive. I made two partitions, half for wbfs and other half for fat32. I currently have all my games on wbfs partition and would like to transfer them to fat32. How would I do that? Can I just transfer them with wbfs manager itself? I dont think I can use drive to drive cause its only one drive and extracting them to iso to pc would take a long time. Also will games to fat 32 maintain same size? Thanks in advance.

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    Use wii game manager. An yes the files will be in .wbfs format an so the same size. Amy files over 4gb have to be split. You'll understand once u have wii game manager.

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    yes, they will be *.wbfs

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    imo running games from a wbfs partition is still the best way to go. i tried wbfs, ntfs and fat 32 and must say i will continue to use wbfs

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    Files are actually a little smaller in FAT32.
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    Quote Originally Posted by infin1ty View Post
    imo running games from a wbfs partition is still the best way to go. i tried wbfs, ntfs and fat 32 and must say i will continue to use wbfs
    What is the reasoning behind that? WBFS is almost obsolete. Fine if you want to use WBFS but it's not the best way to go. FAT32 is, if you would like my reasoning you can read the FAT32 guide.
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    well i'm not saying that it's the best solution for everyone. but i have a 250GB portable freecom harddrive. and i didn't like the idea of formatting it into wbfs because that wouldn't allow me to use it as regular storage anymore. sadly enough my wii wouldn't read it as fat32. well most of the time that is. sometimes it would read it. after doing some research i found out that freecom isn't the best choice for a wii drive. but i didn't bought the drive for the wii i already had it so instead of buying a new one i tried wbfs first and it works flawless for me. the only downside is i have an Imac computer and the wbfs for osx kinda suck so i need to run a virtual windows xp to use the windows version

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    i had the same problem kinda

    I was having a problem formatting my usb drive to wbfs. I learned all I had to do do was on a clean formatted Fat32 usb drive was to make a folder named wbfs and put all the games in there and works perfecty.

    This might help you with your problem, I hope.

    Just trying to help



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