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Thread: Broken SD slot, what to do?

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    Angry Broken SD slot, what to do?

    My SD-card slot is broken - that's what I think, but the culprit may be the modchip, however, I'm not sure about that.
    I have a WiiKey2 (the old soldered one) and my SD slot won't work, no matter how many times I try, it just won't work.
    "The device inserted in the SD Card slot cannot be used.", that's what it says and I want to install HBC but it seems pretty impossible without having a working SD slot. It didn't read any of those 6 SD cards, not in FAT nor FAT32.

    I bought my Wii just a couple of months ago and it was already hardmodded with this modchip and it had the latest firmware (4.3E) but no HBC, I updated the modchip with a DVD but it doesn't affect the SD slot so what can I do? Is it possible to softmod my Wii with the Gecko-thing that goes to the GC memory slot?

    My income is really low so right now I can afford to buy only this geckothing or something as valuable but I'm not sure if the SD adapter works. The damn stupid error message

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    Are you sure it's a regular sd and not sdhc? As mentioned in the guides modding doesn't support the sdhc only sd. Sdhc will work after the fact.

    Is the mod chip working? If yes why not flash that instead of the Wii isn't that the whole point?

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    It's regular SD, not SDHC.
    The modchip is working and I've updated it with the updating disk but I need the homebrew channel so is there a way to install it without SD slot?

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