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Thread: Cant play backed up iso's

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    Cant play backed up iso's

    So I had a bunch of games stolen from me (30+games) and I don't want to buy them again so I am borrowing from my friend and trying to copy them to a DVD so I can play them. But when I copy the game to a DVD it won't play (using backup loader) but I can copy the game to my USB HD (using USB loader GX) and they play fine. But I don't wanna copy the games to DVD then to HD cause it's a waist of DVD's. So is their something I'm not doing right to make them work as DVD copies or is their a way to just load them to my PC them to my USB HD? I don't really wanna use my USB HD all the time, would rather have the disk it self. Any info would help me alot. Thanks

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    What you are asking may come under piracy i know you owned the games and some low life stole them from you but because you no longer have the originals i think it might be classed as piracy if you borrow/lend them from your friend and then copy them. It sucks i know but this site also has a strict anti piracy rule i may be wrong and will stand corrected no doubt? Do some searching there might be other options available sorry about your (loss low life thieving scum)IF FOR INSTANCE THE POLICE CAME AROUND RAIDED YOUR HOUSE AND ALL THEY FIND IS COPIES OF GAMES AND NO ORIGINALS WHAT WOULD YOU SAY YOU COULD NOT SAY THEY ARE BACKUPS AS YOU DONT HAVE THE ORIGINALS (COPY RIGHT)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shartie View Post
    But when I copy the game to a DVD it won't play
    Your Wii doesn't like piracy either. LOL I know that you are just trying to recover what you lost but it's in a way that just isn't right. Like shane said what would the cops say if anything ever happend? The world doesn't work on good intentions...
    Goodluck on getting the games back though, that would be great

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    Yeah guy, I feel for you I really do --- but due to the uncertain legal atmosphere among a plethora of other obvious reasons --- we can't really help you.


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