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Thread: Hi everyone

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    Smile Hi everyone

    Hi I have had my Wii since September. I am hoping to learn how to mod my Wii and download games.
    Does any one know of a place to buy and have it modded in the Middle Tennessee area?


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    If you're interested in chipping your system, it's really not that hard! I do not have much solder experience, so I opted for a "WiiKey 2" modchip, pre-mounted on a "WiiClip". It's as simple as taking the chip (blue / red / black device) and popping it onto the "Panasonic" microchip.

    If you're interested in something like this, post up and I'll give you more info on where / what to order.

    The hardest part of all of this is to actually disassemble you Wii, but I have that documented here:

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