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Thread: Cod:black ops mic help

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    Cod:black ops mic help

    i just got the mic and am having a big problem with it see the mic works fine.But when the mic is pluged in and i try to turn my wii on it boots to a black screen and stay there.It dose this every time but if i unplug the mic and turn the wii on then it boots up fine how can i fix this and has any one els had this problem?

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    have you got hermes cios222 installed
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    dude to tell you the truth i havnt really used the wii much laitly and well my wife has been installing basicly every thing she could find lol.she installed alot trying to get the shop channle to work and so on so i dont know whats on it any more is there a app to veiw this?

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    yeah man check this out

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    There is a thread for black ops mic issues. The answer to your problem is in the thread. Should be in the WiiGames section or Newbies section (we also have a thread for black ops in general).

    Thread closed.
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