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Thread: Taiko no Tatsujin

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    Taiko no Tatsujin

    I was wondering, who besides Me, and E3 play this game?
    If you do, how far are you?

    thought I would give more info.
    Its like Guitar hero, but fun, and Japanese, its REALLY hard, but is still fun.

    it has its silly, moments, and its INSANE moments.
    [ame=""]YouTube - taiko no tatsujin wii suoer mario bros taiko drum master[/ame]
    one of the stages, on one of the easier, settings.

    There are 4 different settings, Easy, medium, hard, Oni (got to unlock its insane x.x)
    If you got a modded wii, I would get this game.
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    I just got this game yesterday and it is AWESUM! I played Rock Band drums to death, so my timing is decently tuned, so I start off all songs on 難しい, but I haven't unlocked the "Oni" difficulty level yet.

    I almost considered ordering a drum controller from play-asia, but its like 60 bucks. Maybe if they bring the game out here I can pick up a couple.

    EDIT: forgot to mention, Q-Entertainment (キューインタータインメント) is working with Harmonix to develop a version of Rock Band for Japan. I say "AWESUM" to that as well. I can't get me enough of the J-music!
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    i picked up the drum, its quite good, i cant do oni without out -,_-,

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    After seeing that vid I decided I would give it a try. I only played it for about 20 minutes but it's pretty cool and i'll probobly play more of it later tonight.

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    please note if u need it i translated all the menu's

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    So, you swing the Wiimote to drum? That looks pretty simple, but by the look of the vid, also addicting

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    no you dont
    you push red and blue *1 and 2 respectivly*

    and yes it looks easy but im 100% sure you couldnt clear a hard stage without insane ammounts of pratice =\

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    I don't have the drum set, but I suspect the game might actually be easier just using the wiimote. Out of the 12-15 songs I played so far, I passed them all on hard on first try...

    Holding the wiimote horizontally, left arrow is to hit the side of the drum, right is to hit the middle, "1" is hit the middle, and "2" is to hit the side. So "Left + 2" would be to hit both sides of the drum at the same time. Pretty easy.

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    A the difference between ONI, and hard are quite vast
    B are you getting Gold Crowns, or Silver? *it makes a world of difference, since you need gold crowns to unlock things*

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    Oh I see.... hmmm mostly silver. Guess I still have lots of practice to do!

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