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Thread: I have a couple questions about emulators and my Wii

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    Ca I have a couple questions about emulators and my Wii

    This may seem like a silly question but I am not to technical in these areas. I have been reading up some on emulators and have a couple questions.

    #1 will an emulator work with my 4.3 Wii?
    #2 will the Wii be able to rip my saturn games to the HDD or how does it work.

    I have about 30 Saturn games and no Saturn so it would be nice to play them again.

    if you have any help you could give me, it would be appreciated. or walkthroughts you could link to thanks.

    sorry if this is in the wrong area, i did not see another place to put this particular question.

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    1) Yes.

    2) No. You can easily rip Saturn games on your PC though. You might want to stick with the PC for playing them too because Yabause runs way better on the PC than it does on the Wii. It works on the Wii but slow (To the point of being unplayable) and compatibility sucks.

    There is a link to setting up emulators in my sig.
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    Please be more mindful of where you post your questions, moved to a more suitable location.


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