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Thread: Cannot Load Snes9x GX Screenshots On Other Emulators

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    Question Cannot Load Snes9x GX Screenshots On Other Emulators

    I've searched everywhere to solve this problem, but have not yet found any answers. With that, I figured I would post this problem myself. There is another thread at GBAtemp presenting the exact same problem. It could be found here: Snemul can't load Zelda LttP save -
    To cut to the chase, I'm having trouble with getting Snes9x GX snapshots (saves) to load on DS snes emulators. They save as freeze (.frz) file format on the SD card which seem to be incompatible with SNEmulDS, and other DS snes emulators. I wish to be able to load the snapshots on a DS snes emulator to continue my saved games on the go. Could I perhaps convert the freeze files to another format or edit them in a hex editor? Should I try using a different Wii snes emulator? Is there an existing DS snes emulator that uses freeze files? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    ...anyone? ...Helooo? .....

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    You could start by checking the file extention of the game saves of both the Wii and DS versions of the emulators. More than likely, you cannot make one game save work with a different emulator. I don't even thing there is a version of Snes9x GX for DS. I have not seen a game save converter that converts between different emulators saves and the fact that it's two different consoles makes it that much harder.

    Try not using the snapshot function, isn't there a different save function?

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    Actually, I realized that it saves as SRM which is, put simply, the game save file. Like when you save at a checkpoint. And SRM is compatible with all snes emulators.

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