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Thread: need some help burning

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    Exclamation need some help burning

    i have a dpro3 chip and iam trying to burn my first game (but running into many differnt problems) ive looked for differnt post on this but really none can help, so iam asking ! iam useing memorex dvd r- and iam trying to use roxio creator 9 (but no luck) can someone give me some guidence ?

    (from what i understand is : burn at the slowest speed, use memorex dvd's, burn the iso's) but when it come to the roxio software iam kind of lost because its not letting me do muck of anything!! i was hoping someone could help me, or guide me thru it for the first time ! And if ther is a post on hoe to do all of this sorry for the question and tell me where its at ...

    please and thank you.

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    just use Img burn, its simple, its free, and its effective

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    Well bud, there is actually a better place for your question, in the dumping and burning section

    I wouldnt burn on a memorex disk myself, I use sony(alot of guys say the sonys dont work for them) and lots of people reccomend verbatim (try to get the ones from japan). But if you wanna give memorex a shot, go for it

    I also havent used roxio, but there is a free program, imgburn that works very well. I burn at 2x and have read alot of guys burn at 4x so either should work. (check your disks to see what they are capable of).

    So if you wanna try imgburn I can tell you it works for me, and its free

    If you are really set on using roxio, then there should be an image setting, or iso setting on there that you click, pick your image, set your speed then burn. Thats basic for just about every burning program that you can do images on. As for the specifics, that I cant help ya out with.

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    hi you can also use nero burn image to file 4x i have no probs

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    hey thanks for the quick reply iam trying image burn right now i will let u know if that works for me once again THANKS.

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    I havent tried nero for wii games, but I use it for lots of other images and yes nero does work well.

    And yeah bonzi, please report back with how it worked for ya Always nice to see if something worked and how well!

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    I'm late to the party again, but ...

    How to use ImgBurn:

    1. Open the program and select "write image file to disc"

    2. Select your file

    3. Browse to the .ISO when the window pops

    4. Set your record speed and insert a blank DVD-R

    5. Hit the file to disc button.

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    Thanks for all the advice !

    hey just wanted to let everyone know that useing img burn and memorex dvd do work !!! ive burnt 2 game and they well (so far) i burnt them at 2 x speed

    thanks for all the feed back

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    Glad it worked out for ya bonzi


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