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Thread: softmod 4.3E only E

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    softmod 4.3E only E


    i found a lot of things about softmod but detailed infotmation only for 3.0-4.2 or 4.3U.

    i have a wii PAL 4.3E, E and PAL is the same,U and NTSC?? can it be a wii NTSC - 4.3E or PAL - 4.3U???

    Which game i should use for a PAL wii(4.3E)?? I have to install homebrew or something new?


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    Introduce Yourself <---If you had done that you would have been given the links you need to "sotfmod any wii" or the "4.3 softmod guide"
    There is a link in my signature, but you should introduce yourself first and maybe try the search feature

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    If you introduce yourself here you wil get loads of useful links plus you can also say a litle about yourself if you wish but in the meantime this is a great guide to start you off
    it works on any wii and its the best around in my opinion all info you require is on there READ and digest it a couple of times to get familiar with it before you try it....and if you get stuck help is always at hand here on this site

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