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Thread: Grass in Animal Crossing

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    Grass in Animal Crossing

    I now only have mud in Animal Crossing and have been looking for help to try and turn it back into grass/snow, unfortunately I have no idea what half the people were on about-they suggested that I use AC:toolkit, I have no idea what to do on the toolkit to change my grass, I tried changing the acres but that did nothing and I'm not sure what else I could possibly do to change it back to grass! anyone have any suggestions or know how I can turn it back to grass?

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    Okay Im using a hex editor to change the acres....looks confusing!

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    download the file

    open the Animal crossing town editor
    then go into the options, and you should see a town editer *been a while since i looked*
    and when u get it right YOULL SEE A HUGE map, that looks exactly like youre with everything in place, nad on the side you can make anything go in any spot u want

    to get your save off your wii, use Save extractor YOU MUST DO THAT
    and to put it on, use save installer

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    I can use the toolkit perfectly-what I was getting at was that the toolkit won't help with changing the grass on Animal crossing which is why I'm stuck- Iv'e found that I need to use a hex editor to change the values of the acres on the RVFOREST.DAT file which is why I am now stuck as I am not familiar with hex editor and cannot find any guides on this sort of thing

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    you use it, you got to go into the drop downs, and then youll see things, TONS OF ENDLESS settings, just clip what you want, then the map, and it will change

    - Town editor
    - Acre editor
    - House editor
    - Pocket (Inventory) editor
    - Drawer/Cabinet editor
    - Lost & found editor
    - Recycle bin editor
    - Nook's store editor
    - Emotion editor
    - Appearance editor
    - Modify wallet, ABD, points
    - Change gate style
    - Remove/Restore grass


    that should help

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    oooh I have an old AC:toolkit ^^ cheers!

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    Hey this thread was way useful. Thanks. The grass thing was really getting on my nerves and this provided a nice quick fix.

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    It's probably cause it's winter time, and grass doesn't grow in winter.

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    After reading this topic and others, I finally went for it. Using the tutorial (as clear as the blue sky) we got our snow back! Used it on the European version of Animal Crossing Lets go to the city. Thank you guys!!!!

    Really it's a miracle!

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