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Thread: Wii won't read discs?

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    Wii won't read discs?

    So I have done all the research I can before posting here, trying multiple methods and nothing works. So, initially, I thought I may have had a post Dec. 2009 Wii, since it wouldn't read burned games, but would launch just fine from the USB.

    Comes to find out, mine was manufactured in 2006. I have tried two different games, both which work fine via USB, but neither will work on a DVD. I burned them at 2.4x to be on the safe side as well. There's nothing special to burning, right? Imgburn, mount iso, 2.4x, burn?

    I am running 4.1U on an LU36. Also, I burned to a these need DVD-R's to work properly or it doesn't matter? (I don't have any around, but I remember the Xbox 1 required them)

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    which guide did you follow to softmod your wii...which back up loader youusing...

    verbatim,taiyo yuden DVD-R ...imgburn 4x = give best results

    if you can usb load games...why would just bother with discs??

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    I was having issues with Opera popping up when I entered settings after the initial modding, so I did this and it fixed my issue:

    Also, using Wiiflow. Some of the games aren't launching with it or will lock up after choosing a subgame (Sam & Max Ch. 1, House of the Dead 2 & 3) so I want to try the physical method. USB/Flash Drive will still be the primary method of playing, but plus, I just like having actual backups of my media for things this large.

    *Edit -- Also, the initial softmod was Bathaxx before the link.*
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