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Thread: PAL Discs on a NTSC Wii...

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    PAL Discs on a NTSC Wii...

    Ok, this will seem like an odd question, but I wanted to verify that if I do a standard install of a D2Pro9 on a D2C2 NTSC Wii with a WiiClip2 V4 that the system will NOT play PAL backups.

    I believe it requires a single additional wire solder install correct ( even with the WiiClip). I've modded my nephews Wii for him and just don't want to take the change that the smart little bugger gets a hold of a PAL ISO and ends up bricking his Wii.

    Thanks in advance -

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    this is simple

    if you got 3.2 go on the homebrew channel website, and download/install the ISO

    if you got 3.3+ get twilight princess, install the twilight hack, downgrade, then open homebrew channel, download, and put on your sd card, Gecko OS, then boot it in there, it will skip the update and run the game without that wire
    all things mentioned and more ^

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    Thanks - I believe you answered my question. I understand that I CAN run PAL discs on my Wii with my mod chip ( as long as I solder everything).

    I just wanted to make sure that my nephew CANNOT run PAL discs with a standard Ds9Pro Wii Clip install without jumping through serious hoops. As he is 10 I don't expect him to consider whether he might brick it or not etc.

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    older ones, require it, newer ones dont, i would get it reguardless save you time, in the future, if the game wont boot in the disc channel it might boot there

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    Thanks much!

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    you can, but i dont like to give too exact of info without details like current firmware and such

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    i er.. dont understand.

    my cousin has an ntsc wii with a wiikey and she recently lended me her *coughs* backups and i er.. re-backuped them and i cant play her ntsc backups on my pal wii.

    i had guitar hero world tour in there when i modded it and all other backups function correctly. so wtf happened. for me i put the disc in, i select it on the disc channel but when i started it, instead of all the "tie your strap" crap, it was just a black screen.

    can anyone help?

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    boot in gecko OS

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    wow quick reply

    er.. gecko os? how do i get it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toloratedmeat View Post
    wow quick reply

    er.. gecko os? how do i get it?

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