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Thread: Pikmin (New play control) Blank Screen

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    Pikmin (New play control) Blank Screen

    Hi guys, I have searched through many forums for the last couple days and can not find any information about the problem I am having. I recently softmodded my Wii following Mauifrog's 'Soft mod any Wii' guide. I have not had a single issue with the HBC, USB loaded gx, or backup channel. I transfered all my Wii games to a USB hard drive and can play them all including Mario Galaxy 2. The only game I can not get to load from a backup disc or from the USB drive is Pikmin. Since I softmodded my Wii I can not get the original disc to load either. Has anyone had this issue before or have any ideas on what I can try? I should also mention that I am running 4.3u with the SSBB hack.

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    try forcing ntsc in configurable usb loader, that solved the problem for me. also the game uses ios33 to run is this on your syscheck?


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