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Thread: Softmod Broken I Think..

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    Softmod Broken I Think..

    I'm having a bit of trouble.. So i softmodded my wii a while ago and my friend borrowed it. I THINK he updated it to 4.3u but im not sure.. It might have been 4.3u when i softmodded it first idk...
    But now a lot of things seem to be messed up. Wii games say "unable to read disc" but gamecube games work fine. The Neogamma r8 rc1 channel when i load it it quickly flashes "loading, please wait..." and then stays at a black screen and the wiimote turnes off and i have to hold down the wii's power button to turn it off.
    I've read that its common for ssbb disc not to read because its a dual layer dvd n such but I dont think thats the problem. The wii feels messed up, I guess its the Neogamma thing thats making me feel that way. I tried running ssbb through the homebrew game launcher(i think thats what its called) and i got "DVD ERR 1208". Maybe all my cIOS are gone?
    I was planning on re-softmodding with SSBB but i cant since it doesnt load. If anyone has any suggestions i'd REALLY appreciate it! Thank you!!!

    PS. im trying to load a legit copy of SSBB and my wii is old, i've heard recent versions have problems with some things.

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    It's old ones that have problems. There is a good chance the lens needs to be cleaned. Buy a cleaning kit.
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    could something with having a softmod already with cIOSs installed and then the 4.3u update mess things up? Or would the wii's actual disc reader never be affected by softmodding?

    do you suggest me downgrading? if so to which?

    can i plug my wii's hdd into my computer and install a ssbb copy onto it?

    did the update remove all my cOIS's and thats why nothings working? like my neogamma doesnt load up so i cant try to play any of my backed up wii games.. :/
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