The new Acekard anti-counterfeit code will allow users to check if their Acekard is real by removing the sticker. We really do not like this approach for many reasons, the main reason being that the AK2i already has some contact issues. Removing the sticker may force some users into using the “paper trick”. Removing the sticker can also leave sticker residue behind, and replacing the sticker is sometimes impossible as the sticker may not always peel off in 1 piece.

It remains to be seen how this code will work, what will make it unique, and what will stop cloners from copying it. Assumptions are that each cart produced will have a unique code, and only those codes will make it into the database. If that is the case, why not simply include the code on a piece of paper inside of the box or print it right on the back of the shell in a more convenient place?

While the execution may not be the best this is a great step forward for Acekard. Their popular Flash Kit series, supported by AKAIO, has been cloned ever since the release of the R4 Ultra. Recently the EON chipped clone was released, a card which reports a legit HWID, functions with AKAIO, but can not use the AP patching or be firmware flashed. There are now reports of an Acekard 3, another obvious attempt to capitalize on misinformed users looking to purchase a 3DS. The Acekard has also been faked as the AK2i sticker was placed on R4 kits and DSTT kits in the past. Some resellers are so bad at clone checking that they have sold clones and fakes as real cards and stood behind their resellers who claimed the kits were the real deal.

We will attempt to contact Acekard to get the scoop on this new anti-counterfeit system and report back with any new information.

From The Acekard Team:

The code is already being used on all AK products, and this includes the smaller chipped AK2i which is now in production. The products should start to show up in the UK and USA in the next 1-2 weeks. The code will be unique to each product, entered into the larger database, and be created in a way that makes it near impossible to fake. The code is being placed under the sticker as this is currently the most popular way of anti-counterfeit code placement in China, something Team Acekard says will work out very well.
Acekard Anti-Counterfeit Code Check

Source- gbatemp