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    Ca Tradeshow Giveaways

    Hi all. I have been approached by a IT company to come up with some ideas for tradeshow giveaways for an local I.T. convention. I am looking for a trinket that has that cool factor in the $5, $10, and $20 range. It must have the ability to either engrave or screen a company logo on it. What have you seen that had that "wow" factor?


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    A bottle opener is always a good choice.
    Then there are these squeeze balls. I loke those, regular balloon filled with sand or flour. Really cheap and logo can be applied.
    If you want to spent that much i would go for something useful, a tiny, high throughput write speed usb thumbdrive with at least 8gb
    or something to stare at like those magnetic levitating things. A base with magnets where you can put a pen to make it float above the base.
    A regular unicolour t-shirt with a small company logo (maybe some artistic/futuristic version) is also good. Something that you don't throw away on the way out leaving
    Good luck
    Report back what it turned out to be in the end.

    edit: for that budget you can almost realize all mentioned above at once lol And throw your goodies in the crowd :-P
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    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks


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