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Thread: cheating on the virtual console

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    cheating on the virtual console

    hi all, i was just searching the net for info on how to cheat on vc games and was unsuccessful, so i thought maybe someone here could answer my question. basically, it started because i really enjoy playing starfox64, but unfortunately im not very good at it. i got frustrated with the fact that they only give you 2 lives to start, and the first thing i thought of was how many emulators have an option for inputting various cheat device codes (like gameshark or action replay). so, i was wondering if there is some way you can take your sd card with the vc game on it and edit it somehow so you start with more lives (or whatever) when you begin a new game. the other thing i was thinking might be possible is if someone could make a wii channel kind of thing that acted as a cheat program; for instance, you goto the cheat channel, turn on a code, then play your vc game with a working cheat. i dont have any programming experience, so i dont know if either of these methods are even possible, but i figured it wouldnt hurt to ask around and see if anyone has heard of anyone making something like this or has figured out a way to edit vc games. i also checked out and (action replay's website) to see if they had any cheat devices for the wii that also supported cheat codes for virtual console games. so far it doesnt look like anything like that exists, but if anyone knows otherwise, i would love to hear about it! thanks!

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    Star Fox 64 is killer easy once you get the hang of it. I remember when I picked it up for Nintendo 64 I had all the medals in each mission in less than two weeks, playing about two hours a day.

    What exactly are you having trouble with?


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