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Thread: NForwarderWiiflow.dol - little problem

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    NForwarderWiiflow.dol - little problem

    wiiflow running great and perfect but im wanting it to boot up at the start so i set that up in priiloader and starts up great. only problem i have in priloader is i dont have the option called "installed file" with the return to category, its just not there to choose

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    It must be if it's working. What's the problem?
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    return to option

    installed file is not there to choose with return to...

    autoboot = installed file (this is fine)
    return to = installed file (not there to choose)

    everytime you press home -> wii menu it will return you to wiiflow (this is what i need it to be but i cant)


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    what version of priiloader do you have?
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    my priiloader is 0.6

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    Should be .... Autoboot: Installed File (your forwarder)
    Return To: AutoBoot (which is also your forwarder)

    I think....??


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