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Thread: me namey kerathor

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    me namey kerathor

    I was born in the suburbs of Yahrdale. Recently, a person who thinks of me as a friend but I really don't like them that well at all asked me to come hang out with him, and my excuse for not going was, "Sorry, man. I can't go, my toes are all wet." There was a pause and finally he replied, "Wait, what?" I said that my toes were wet and that I couldn't go because of that fact, followed by, "Yep, maybe later though, bro'." and he replied, "...Oooookaaaay......?" I hang up and then thought about how boring my wii is. I thought about how much more entertaining it could be if only I knew how to do homebrew stuff. So, I stumbled upon this website and thought I'd introduce myself. Hello all, I go by Kerathor and I am a gamer. I enjoy mostly any kind of game except I prefer not to play FPS's on consoles. : (
    And now I can happily say, my toes are dry. ^______________________^
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    thats wierd

    but WElcome 2 wiihacks & have a Merry Christmas

    >IT'S Time To Die SpiderMan!!!

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