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Thread: Transfer WBFS files from one USBHDD to another... Originly posted by B3A5T on 1/14/10

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    Transfer WBFS files from one USBHDD to another... Originly posted by B3A5T on 1/14/10

    Okay B3A5T posted on 1/14/10
    Long story short, I bought a different USB HDD, one that doesn't require an extra power supply. Is there an easy way to transfer the WBFS data from my current drive over to the new one?

    So I saw that he received a reply saying if he uses WBFS Manager to clone the drive. Thing is he didn't reply saying it worked or not.
    I've been using my primary external backup drive for my games, but it looks like out of all the games I have I'm using less then 11GB of disk space. So I've purchased online a new USB 16GB Flash drive, and want to move those files over to the USB Flash drive I will be getting in the mail soon so I can reclaim my external backup drive back.
    My question is when using WBFS Managers "Clone Drive" drive feature, is it going to make a difference that the new drive is smaller then the current?

    So I'm hoping that B3A5T see this and replies how it worked for him, and if anyone knows whether or not the 2 drives (original WFBS + new drive) need to be the same size or not please reply.

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    Personally I woud use fat32 instead of wbfs. Fat32 guide To do what you want with either fat32 or wbfs all you need is wiibackupmanager. You can find it in the guid i just mentioned. As long as the size of the drive you are copying to is equal or bigger you won't have a problem. It would also be helpfull to make an introduction in the introduce yourself section. Someone will give you links to all the best guides.

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    When I first started uploading my downloaded games to the external USB drive, I used FAT32, and copied the ISO files over, but my the USB Loader GX on my Wii would not see the drive, or files, so a posting where someone said to use WBSF Manager, which worked. Since I do not have any backups of these game files I can't just transfered them over from a backup folder to the new USB drive. I will check out the FAT32 guide and download the wiibackupmanager and see if that will let me save these games to a folder on my laptop.

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    Why not just copy the games from the original disks to the new drive?

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