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Thread: Anyone interested in an Onlive review?

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    Anyone interested in an Onlive review?

    I was thinking about doing this but wanted to see if anyone was interested in it. This review would be on their microconsole which I should be getting sometime later this month. I would focus mostly on quality of graphics, service, affordability, gaming options, and convenience.

    For those who haven't experienced it yet, Onlive is basically the Netflix of gaming. It's still in it's infancy, but over the last year the games that are offered now are starting to get interesting. What's cool about it is you don't need any special souped up hardware to play on it. You can use your old Dell from '03 so long as it can connect to a broadband connection of 2mbps or higher.

    Here's a cool video of the service I would be reviewing:

    But I would specifically be reviewing the microconsole, which lets you stream the service directly to your HDTV.

    If this is something you'd like to know more about leave some feedback in this thread and if there is enough interest I will work on it.
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    How long has Onlive been in the works, I saw a post of this a few years ago. here

    Reviews are always good, although I probably would not subscribe, I would use it if it was free.

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    It is free. Well the application for your computer is free, and you get free 30min. trials on most (I think all, but say most just in case) of the games available. You just sign up on their site and download the client. Works a lot like steam, but less baggage.

    You can either rent the games or you can buy full unlimited on them. But getting into the service and checking it out doesn't come with a price tag. You can also go into the arena and watch other people playing to see how the games will look. They've had my email for about a year now and no spam besides occasional offers, which I have turned on in my account settings anyway.

    Edit: Oh, and they first announced back around the time of that post you linked from 2009, and had been working on this project since around 2002-2003. The game selection was kinda lousy about a year ago, but recently they've picked up a bit.
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    "I think that the Wii is a beautiful piece of hardware, and a broken Wii is a tragedy. It doesnít matter why or how." -- Bushing

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