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Thread: Help needed update wii 4.1 to 4.3 reward 10$$$

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    Help needed update wii 4.1 to 4.3 reward 10$$$

    Hi everyone.

    I live in indonesie (the fun thing is you actually buy ur nintendo wii wii modded already in the stores)

    now here is the problem

    i bougth it 2 years ago wii modded version 4.1 (i assume as its 4.1 but its also possible i did this myself)

    anyway now i got some awesome games

    black ops
    mario wii (the clasic game in newer version)
    james bond golden eye 007 (MY CLASIC N64 FAVORITE)
    and i can call 16 titles again...

    but apperently it all requires a upgrade (as when i load the game it says upgrade required)

    i am not going to do this trough nintendo upgrade system ass i am afraid i lose everything

    i just want to make sure 1 thing first :

    rigth now with 4.1 i can use wireless like play online with other players the store here told me if i upgrade to 4.3 i lose the abbility to play online multiplay
    is this true? as i would also like to be able to FINALY browser on my wii (also need help with this another reward of 2.50$)

    so lets start:

    wii 4.1 to 4.3 makes it possible to play the games i cant play now?
    and can u guide me trough this fully on msn or skype or yahoo or any other chat ?

    2 help me install the wii interent browser

    3 homebrew i have installed but also not work propely all 3 for 15.00 $ pay trough paypal only serious people please

    i have been figuring this thing out for over a year now as i cant find it anywhere i am willing to pay for it

    respond here and we will figure it out together

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    You don't need to pay anyone anything, although donations to the site are always welcome.

    You should follow Softmod ANY Wii. There is a link in my signature. It's very important that you don't skip any steps.

    Once you are done, you will be able to play all your games without worrying about an update and you can use the shopping channel again for purchasing games and updating channels. You won't lose any features after following the guide.
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    dont update your wii you need priiloader check if you have it by press power hold reset priiloader should pop up if you have it go to sytem hacks enable block disc updates enable block online updates save.
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    Do you play your backups from disc or from a usb loader?

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    I understand i dont have to pay anyone but i cant figure out this tutorial myself (im that stupid) so if by any chance u or anyone els can step me trough step by step i would be really happy and i would not mind to pay i have tried last time 5 months ago and i still cant play and i would really wanto finaly play my new games so a pretty please

    @ peire seccond time u help me today Lol

    anyway i assume that preiloder is something for homebrew when i hold the shutdown button on my nintendo wii remote and open it again it doesnt show anything like the thing u asked me to same thing for when i hold the reset button on the console

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    If you mean games by backup

    than its from disc and all the newer games dont work older games work fine


    mario galaxy 1 works
    mario galaxy 2 not works
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    Do you know if your Wii uses a hardmod (drive chip) to load the games.?

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    That sure is a lot of games, must have cost quite a bit. Perhaps the OP should read the forum rules.
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    yes kiiddo, I edited your post #6 to be more inline with the forum rules.

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    @ krank no they cost me 1 doller per game (the store sels it iligale in indonesia...)


    i have no idea how to check if its a hardmod or not where can i see this? is there any possible to do this trough a chat instead of forum as it migth be easyer and better for me to understand
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