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Thread: how do I play DVD burnt games on wii

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    how do I play DVD burnt games on wii

    I still don't understand.

    1. I downloaded and installed the HBC on my Wii.
    2. I burnt a ISO (I think), a torrent file to my DVD-R. (Lego Batman)
    *(Which games can work with this? Old games, like the older games which came out on the Wii? Or both? Like: LOZ:TP (old) vs. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (new) - kind of thing.
    3. I still don't get what I am supposed to do friend said his brother burnt a cd, then like installed the channel, then downgraded or something? I don't get what he means, and he won't help without the charge of $20. How absurd! Please will anyone help me?

    If a step-by-step post is submitted I will really appreciate it. I just don't understand what I am supposed to do at this point.

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    All will work
    burn to a DVD, then install Gamma
    all your info u need is there

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