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Thread: wii64 - Unable to load games from dvd

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    Exclamation wii64 - Unable to load games from dvd

    I have recently installed the HBC 1.0.8, and have wii64 on an sd card along with other emulators.
    the other emulators will load games from dvd, and let me save to sd card no problems, but with wii64 I can only load roms from sd card.
    Whenever I try to load them from dvd it says DVDX v2 not found.

    I have the newest HBC, and also tried installing DVDX v3 but that didnt help, and I am unable to find a download for DVDX v2.

    Any help would be appreciated, as im running out of sd card space, and its a pain having to use lots of sd cards, thanks guys!

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    Try installing with a wad manager or MMM.
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    If you are using a forwarder with AHBPROT support or running the emulator from HBC 1.0.8 then you should have DVD support all ready. More than likely it is how you are burning the DVD. I have tried to do this is the past with Wii64 and other emulators with no success, so I gave up on it. Also, look in my signature at punemu.

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