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Thread: 3.4 and wad manager

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    3.4 and wad manager

    i was wondering if system menu 3.4 would allow wad manager to work?

    plz help

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    nope got to downgrade, i would try Canada's post

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    hi im on 3.4e and can install any wads. Follow EoC tut but stop at IOS downgrading. After that you can install any wads you want. Thanks

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    youre recomended to finsh for a reason, just saying -,_-,

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    ok so um wats EoC?

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    use the post that ends with Canada to downgrade

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    Where can I find this tutorial by EoC? I hope I didn't waste $50 on a damn game...

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    i just linked you to the post that has all u need to know, CTRL + F "canada" and click it -.-

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    OH!!! Oops...ok I'm trying it, the download is going incredibly slow.

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    just remember, why would i link you to something useless


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