Wiimm has version 128a of its command-line based on ISO and WBFS tools released . To the delight of Windows users there are in this version the first time a Windows installer that places all files in a directory of programs called Wiimm \ WIT. The installer is still marked as BETA. Bugs are to be expected. The user interface for all three diff versions (Raw, Scrubbed, single file) was revised. The different options now show identical effects in all three variants, which also applies to the output intensity of silence to hexdump.

Furthermore, some new options, such as "wfuse - create" - added "remount wfuse" or. Other changes and information, see the Release Notes and the documents on the WIT website.


r2336 wit v1.28a - 2011-03-04

- Wfuse - version: Print FUSE versions too.
- New option: wfuse - create: If the mount point does not exist, create it
and remove it on unmount.
- New option: wfuse - remount:If the mountpoint is already mounted, try
silently to unmount it first.
- New option: - include-first: Include lists take precedence takes over
exclude lists.
- New option: "wwt ADD - sync-all": Use include and exclude lists only for
creating the sync list.
- "Wit DIFF / FDIFF": The diff output was changed completly. The options
- Quit, - verbose - file-limit, - limit, - block-size and - allow long
fine control. The output is now homogeneously in all three modes RAW,
SCRUBBED and FILES. Option - section is supported for each log level.
Hidden option - Enable the old OLD diff layout for compatibility.
- New: "wdf + cmp: Compare WDF, CISO and WIA files with other sources.
- DUMP wit: Print version of "System Menu" if update partition found.
- There is now a Windows installer (BETA): windows-install.bat
Please remove old self-made installations of WIT.

Known bugs:

- The GameCube support is in development and experimental!
- There are new problems while reading from non seekable sources (eg pipes).
The reason is the complete new and more intelligent wiidisc lib Which makes
more lookups ==> The best is to use version 101c for pipes.

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website and download - here