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Thread: Wii can't check version

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    Wii can't check version

    Dear Experts,
    I bought my wii last week and my wii is korea console and the salesman told me it was homebrew installed and modified with software instead of mod chip so it can play burned cd(pirated).

    Unfortunately i can't check for my version, when i clicked on "wii setting" i get square box with black and white color(no wording, no option) seem like a blank screen. This wonder me whether my wii goes wrong...and i cant play some pal game.

    I checked with my friend they told me once insert cd they press top left button to get access to the game BUT mine one is hv to click on the right bottom button once i inserted the cd and press start on it(I have to click on a menu called softchip(rs58))

    juz wonder y my wii can't check for version(is it goes wrong?) and the way i start my cd is different with other??can someone explain this..thank in advance...

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    its semi bricked, i would update then downgrade, using canada's post but thats just me

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    semi bricked???(explain plz...) how to downgrade??? i don't even know my current version and what's the way to downgrade...appreciate if u can tell me in detail...10s in adv...

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    it means some features dont work because someone did something wrong with the firmware

    i would say if u have gamma u have 3.2 or 3.3
    grab from there canada's post and read it


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