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Thread: 3.1u good enough ?

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    3.1u good enough ?

    I have been reading a lot lately, got HBC beta 8 installed directly via DVD, got IOS 55 installed to get NFS undercover to work but that's all I have done...haven't tried Geexbox yet which is something I would love to use coz I like to play rmvb via wii to the big screen...(am I even right here?)

    I am with 3.1 u firmware and wiikey 2 installed (1.2 with the region blocker) , so far every game I put in weather NTSC, JPN and PAL version they all work, the question is do / should I update my firmware to 3.2 u ? am I missing something by not doing so ? (and it is done by anyregion , right ?)

    Thanks for your time..!

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    install Cios 37 reguardless

    3.2 is mostly for support for wiiware, if u dont care about that, then dont update

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    3.2 is also the only firmware that allows you to install the homebrew known as Starfall, it is really really worth doing as it blocks disc update checks, wii menu background music, and health and safety warning!!!

    and this is THE guide to getting it


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