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Thread: Wiikey FW (Flash) Disk problems

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    Wiikey FW (Flash) Disk problems

    I have burnt this one on serveral different types of media:

    Sony DVD+r
    Verbatim DVD+r
    Maxwell (1.4gb) DVD-r
    Imation DVD-r

    None of these worked. I was wondering if this disk was supposed to read no matter what media (thats what someone said but I don't see how that is possible) I would like to know is there a certain way you have to burn this or are there any tricks to get it to read. (Write speed, Media Type, Reseting the Wii with the disk inside etc) Heck I would even try holding the wii upright while riding a unicycle on a tight rope at this point.

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    DVD+Rs must be set to DVD-ROM booktype. Does the Wiikey Base 1.2 disc work?

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    do the thing on the unicycle first, video tape it, then get back to us....
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    lol, I already did. It was not pretty. The funny thing is, when I fell off and checked to see if my nintendo was working it worked for half a second then went back to not reading :P


    still having issues.


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