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Thread: bootmii will not load as boot2 because boot1 won't let it

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    bootmii will not load as boot2 because boot1 won't let it

    following the softmod instructions as always, and came across a problem that I noticed others have had but I can find no fix. Is there a way to get to WAD installs when the Wii won't load bootmii as boot2? Can I get to a place where Configurable loader will work without going through all steps? All I really want to do is use usb drive to load games.

    Thanks for any help, and sorry if this was discussed elsewhere, I really tried to find an answer before starting a first...
    (I'm not even sure how to track responses to this question){yep, REALLY newbie}

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    I'm not sure what bootmii/boot2 has to do with Config Loader.

    Have you even installed any cIOSs yet? Is that the steps you are talking about? Maybe you should introduce yourself here to start with. You will receive several good links in reply.

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    I'm not sure what boot2 has to do with Loader either. I'm just following the steps found here. The wii locks up when attempting to install wads. Seems like it is because I have a newer wii that won't let bootmii install as boot2. If I can safely skip any steps in this tutorial and get to the part where Configurable loader works then GREAT! But I am affraid to improvise and am stuck at this stage in the process. I have homebrew installed from Smashstack. And bootmii installed as IO. But again, my wii prevents installing bootmii as boot2. Thanks again.

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    please disregard thread... seems I may have overreacted. All is well. Couldn't get preloader to do quit e what the tutorial wanted it to do, but I am playing games from the usb!
    Thanks for reading and posting, but this issue (non-issue) is resolved.

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