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Thread: Wii Questions

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    Wii Questions

    Hello All! I just got out of Air Force Basic Training. The last time I saw my Wii was in November. Last time I was on here we were not able to dumb gamecube disc to my hard drive which is connected to my Wii. I have the homebrew channel and use config iso loader to play my dumped games off of my hard drive on my Wii. I powered it up today and it wanted to know if I wanted to update. Is there a new update for the Wii's that were hacked? AKA MINE? Also can we dump gamecube games now?

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    Yes, there was a update by Wii. No do not update your Wii. No you can not play gc games from a hdd.

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    Okay thanks. Is there any update from the hacked side that I need to or should install?


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