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Thread: PLEASE HELP: Anyone with a WODE, using Wii Ver. 4.3U

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    Unhappy PLEASE HELP: Anyone with a WODE, using Wii Ver. 4.3U

    Hey could someone that has the WODE and is using it with Wii Version 4.3U, Please Please Please contact me, either here or by PM............

    A quick breakdown:

    I received a black Wii for xmas (3 months ago) I ordered and installed a black WODE without any problems (Updated to Firmware 2.7C). I use Wii Backup Manager and I have a 1TB drive that is formatted for WBFS. I use the latest Wiiflow for WODE and I also have the latest USB Loader GX for the WODE currently installed and working properly. I currently have 110 ISOs on the drive and 108 of them work perfectly (I think) with both Loaders.

    ISO Problem 1:
    Iron Man

    I have Iron Man 2 works fine, when I load Iron Man (1) onto the drive via Wii Backup Manager it installs correctly and even shows up on the list with the correct ID name tag and everything, however when I go to my list of games via WODE screen (on the WODE itself) or either loader it comes up and plays as Iron Man 2.
    Now I have had this problem a few times with games like Deca Sports and Deca Sports 2 and to fix it I just rename the game id in Wii Backup Manager to exactly what it is supposed to be and for some reason that worked even though I really didn't change anything. I have tried this and several different downloads of Iron Man (even a ripped copy of the actual CD) and I still can not get it to work...

    ISO Problem 2:
    Mario Kart Black

    So I have been going back and forth with the games creator Roobix who is a big help and a complete gentleman, however I can not for the life of me get this game to work, I have downloaded and successfully installed cIOSX rev21 Installer, this did not solve the problem so I then downloaded and successfully installed all of the latest cIOSs via Pimp My Wii 2.11 and this also did not solve the problem..........

    The game shows up as Mario Kart Black, but when I click play the screen goes dark likes its going to load then re-boots back to the main menu of the Wii.....

    So if someone with WODE/Wii Modding experience can please help me not only will it be greatly appreciated but I will also make a small donation to you... I want to fix these problems now so that down the road if it happens again I can take care of it myself and not bother anyone.

    Thanks for all your help and support,


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    I've moved your thread to the, you guessed it, WODE forum. Please do not request assistance via PM or other private correspondence. We prefer that all assistance is given in the public forum that others may benefit from and participate in the discussion.

    We also cannot assist you in the use or execution of downloaded games. This would include the Mario Kart Black ISO you mentioned, along with the mentioned ISOs of Iron Man. There are too many factors to consider (asking the place you got them from might be a better start), and assistance in such goes against our forum policy.

    However, members here are welcome to assist you in figuring out why your original disc of Iron Man will not function correctly, and so your thread will remain open on that merit.

    On a personal note, avoid GimpMyWii like the plague.

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