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Thread: geexbox freezes on load

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    geexbox freezes on load

    Hi all

    I am trying to run this app through the homebrew channel. I have the app in the apps folder on my sd card and the geexbox folder in the root. I also have my video file in the root of the card.

    The app launches and starts to load but when it gets to around 3/4 of the way to the end (the small loading bar), it seems to just freeze.

    Any ideas why this may be?


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    hi.. iam also have a same problem.. but there is error appear during loading time..
    "file corrupeted. need reformatted sdcard" i try to reformat my sd card and that error still appear

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    GeexBoox freezes!

    I have the same problem.
    Geexboox freezes at 80% and does NOT sink into text, just stays there.
    Tried unplugging all USB things(my wiimote recharger and a USB miniHD)
    STill no go.
    First time I booted the USB miniHD was in, could that be the prob?
    I use v.0.1alpha4 of geexbox ofcourse.

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    same problem here... dont think this works... loads to about 80% then freezes.. though i finally found a way to play my movies using a usb device, just no dvds yet...its in media part of homebrew browser... its the mplayer x i think... works real nice... any help appreciated...

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    I had the same issue - there is a problem with the current beta version. The workaround is to flip the write protect tab on your SD card (write protect ON). Alternatively you can download an earlier version or you can try to reformat your SD card.

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    Me too I'm having the same problem, any ideas.please

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    Ok, tries to place an old sd card. In mine microSD 1GB with adapter did not function, but when I tested in a MineSD 512 it functioned well.

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    Just try using MPlayer CE instead. It has features from Geexbox as well as from MPlayer. Its available on the Homebrew Browser.


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