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Thread: CFG USB Loader settings: PAL game on NTSC machine

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    CFG USB Loader settings: PAL game on NTSC machine

    I bought a PAL game for a relative's NTSC Wii. I am looking at the options for CFG loader:

    Video: Force NTSC
    Video Patch: Off - On - All
    VDTV: Off - On

    The screen goes white and pushing any of the buttons causes the screen to go cyan (blue). If anyone has seen this problem or know the fix, your comments would be appreciated.

    I will try flipping these 'switches' in an effort to find a configuration that works. If I find a combination that works I will post.

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    Normally you don't need VDTV or video patch, so leave them at off.
    I run my out of region backups with
    video: game default
    funny they don't run with forcing PAL or using console default don't ask me why.
    + some games need special attention as you may know, so depending on your current cIOS setup you either have to choose another one in the loader settings (i run all using 250, 223 für music games for example) or even have ti install one (check with syscheck or run the softmod any wii guide) Maybe that helps.

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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    I need help, got Hello Kitty Seasons for my duaghter, tried it, and game loads, dos that color changing thing, but videos don't play, and game doesnt allow me to move around! I trid leaving in set to default region, but it is in black & white, but works! LOL I tried USB Loader & WII flow with no sucess! what settings should I use? do I need component video cable to play PAL games on my NTSC WII? I did put region free everything in priiloader!


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