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Thread: Unable to Install Homebrew

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    Unable to Install Homebrew

    I was having trouble with my Wii - installing homebrew. First of all here's the run down of what I did to it.

    1. Deleted all my ios files without thinking of the consequences.
    2. Wii still lets me boot in to system menu but nothign on the chanels except the disc chanel which still works.
    3. I reset and reboot in to Priiloader and can't seem to install hack mii or anything. It says that there are no vulnerable IOS files found and to check for a new version on which I have done and do have the latest version of the files.

    Now i'm kinda stuck coz I want Homebrew again so I reinstall everything.

    IS there a way of just clearing everything out of the system and reinstalling the Nintendo original software? I"m running 4.1e at the moment.

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