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Thread: USB Drive woes

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    USB Drive woes

    The 500GB WD MyBook I've been using with my Wii for over a year finally bit the dust recently. I pulled the drive out of the enclosure and managed to get all my stuff off it with some effort. Put a new Caviar Blue 500GB drive in the MyBook, formatted it, copied my stuff back to it, and... it works fine with every computer I've connected it too, but it is unusable on the Wii. It almost works - Homebrew Channel can read a list of apps from it, WiiExplorer will show some files and directories but not others. Can't launch an app stored on it, none of the USB loaders can read it. I've tried every trick I know. Has anyone else had troubles with the Caviar Blue? I'm going to try to pop it into another enclosure, but this MyBook worked fine, and of course had an older WD Caviar in it before. Just wanted to see if anyone here had any other ideas or suggestions....

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    Check the drives compatability from the link in my signature, some drives are not supported!!

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    Thanks for the interesting post. I hought that the USB interface was the compatibility sticking point (not the HDD itself), however, your posting indicates that the HDD can affect compatibility. I assume that your original HDD worked correctly.


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