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Thread: Flashed Unbanned Xbox 360 Usa

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    Flashed Unbanned Xbox 360 Usa

    Selling flashed xbox360 with 1 controller and cables
    Has a 83850c v2 drive and idk the motherboard type
    i also have a ck3 probe 2.1,ck3 pro rev d,sata adapter,and external molex
    $120 for xbox360 and 10 for shipping
    and another 70 for for Xbox flashing equipment
    Once money is sent and received pm me and i will send with tracking info
    Thank you and have a good day
    sorry about email problem
    I dont have drive key sorry and manufactured in 10/06/2009
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    You need to remove your email address before a mod does. Have someone send you a PM instead.
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    I have stripped or removed the email address from your post. Please be mindful of site rules (not to mention, spam magnet giving that out). Date of manufacture/HDMI or no HDMI etc are all good info (and whether you've got LT+ firmware on the drive and the drive key as well).

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    without xbox360 HDD ?


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