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Thread: how do i get any region changer to install?

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    how do i get any region changer to install?

    i have homebrew channel installed and want to change my jap wii to pal usig any region changer but i cant figure how to get any region changer to run from sd card??? plz help

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    -,_-, you boot it IE change the ___.dol to boot

    make sure you got the 24 connect Policy, and the wireless policy accepted, or you cant use it

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    can you explain this i cant get it to work do i have to compile or something before i can use homebrew to install it, is there a tut howto do that???

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    sorry busy....r u an mk tourny contestant?

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    This has been covered 100 times before, Use the search button, The info is there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ModderMan View Post
    sorry busy....r u an mk tourny contestant?
    proberly not because i dont know what it is

    i need to figure out howto install any region so i can change language in my jap wii ( small problem to understand Japaneese)
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    i get this when i try to load it via homebrew

    Identifying as SU... Error! ES_Identify (ret = -1017)
    Initializing Filesystem driver... OK!
    Error! ES_OpenTitleContent (ret = -1026)

    what seems to be the prob

    is it correct that i have to downgrade to 3,2 via anyregion before it works

    ps i have tried to search for it!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by trekster View Post
    This has been covered 100 times before, Use the search button, The info is there.
    No there isn't. I will search all ****ing day on here and Google and I will not find a single step-by-step procedure on how to get this damn program to work, which is why I am bumping this old thread.

    What do I need? Somebody to list the instructions like so-

    1. Extract the folder.
    2. Copy the anyregion_changer.dol file to your SD card.
    3. Rename the "anyregion_changer.dol" file to "boot.dol"
    4. Place it in the "apps" folder located on the SD card's root directory

    ^THAT is the way the instructions should be, not "go google search it."
    Sometimes, Google searching just isn't enough when not a single goddamn person on the internet answered the question (the only answer I've ever found regarding this issue is "go google search it").

    And no, the example way that I provided DOES NOT WORK. I just want the procedure to look similar so that it is impossible to **** it up.

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    your language and attitude are not welcome here.

    The thread you are replying to is over a year old.

    Maybe you should calm down and do some more reading? maybe try reading the softmod guide linked in my sig.

    a) No repeated cursing, profanity, or expressions of bigotry. Attempts to bypass the word filter, or to disguise inappropriate content through the use of alternate characters does not negate the intended action. Upon violation of this rule, moderators may warn or discipline the member. The violative post may be edited, deleted, or moderated without prior notification.
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