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Thread: Cyberbike wii

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    Cyberbike wii

    I hope that somebody can help me
    A view monds ago i buy a cyberbike second hand everything lookt good it workt good
    but wen i get home it did not work

    everything goes well until he ask to choose your remote .i try and try but i can not choose the other remote that shows on the screen

    can annybody tell me how i must do that or what i maby doing wrong

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    Have you synced the bike to use with your console? You have to press the red button in the Wii and on the bike so they sync with one another. Here is the official site to show you how it is done.

    Other than that, I haven't a clue. I hope it helps.
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    If the information provided by Big Tex is wrong you can open your browser and search for another information.


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