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Thread: PS2 emulator for PS3

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    PS2 emulator for PS3

    Does anybody know if this is possible yet, I mean I got loadsa PS2 games that I would like to play on the PS3.
    I have a hacked (kmeaw 3.55) PS3 that is NOT Backwards compatible (grrrr, bloody money grabbing SONY).
    I really wanna put my old PS2 games into my PS3 or onto the internal or external drive and just play......regardless of graphics poorly 'downgraded'.

    I read this on another thread and was wondering if any more knowledgable people could maybe develop something....(wishfull thinking probably, but you guys seem to know alot of stuff about the inner workings of a silicon chip LOL).

    QUOTE "I was thinking about how ps3 game demos are launched from the xmb once installed, with networking, and other functions.
    Couldn't it be possible to create and install homebrew (as the ps2 emulator), like game devs do with their demos?
    The emulator would run as a game demo and them read the data from the disc drive.

    I'd like to know if any of this is possible."

    EDIT: Sorry if I'm asking a question that has been answered a million times b4, but I have searched alot since I hacked my PS3
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    From what I have read, it's not going to happen anytime soon if ever at all. The old school systems had two chips to grunt through the emulation process. As the newer models came out Sony slowly drifted to one chip and let the rest be done through software (80GB Phat for example). Now, we are at a point where the slims have neither a chip or software. There has been talk that the cell processors should be monsters enough to handle the load, but that is to be determined. PS2 emulation on PS3 seems to be the holy grail at this point.

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    Why not just invest in a PS2? They're cheap, and you could just use Swap Magic to play backups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sprotret View Post
    Why not just invest in a PS2? They're cheap, and you could just use Swap Magic to play backups.
    I got a PS2, just wanted to pack it away and still be able to play my games, no big deal, just sucks that i gotta have all my consoles out.


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