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Thread: Mighty Loader v15

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    Mighty Loader v15

    Source and Download - Mighty Loader (english) - La página de Marc
    Download clean covers (no logos) - Here

    Look for a forwarder HERE

    Mighty Loader is a minimalist USB Loader for Wii, based on original Waninkoko's code and adapted to the newest games that are being released in order to increase the compatibility.
    Unlike other USB Loaders, this one has the minimum options for getting the maximum compatibility, it dispends most of other USB Loader's options that only makes it harder and slower to tune up the program.


    * USB Loader (no SD support)
    * Supports only WBFS partitions
    * Minimalist & fast GUI
    * Ocarina cheats
    * Automatic alternative DOL selection
    * Different IOS can be specified for games
    * Download covers from
    * Wii Play Log support
    * A button: play game
    * 1 button: config game games
    * B button: sort games
    * HOME button: home menu

    [SPOILER="Extra Instructions"]
    * Select a game and press 1, you will be able to configure:
    o Force video mode
    May be necessary if you want to play a game of other region.
    o Ocarina cheats
    You can use up to 3 ocarina cheat files per game. Ocarina cheat .GCT files can be built with Ocarina Codemanager. Place them at sd:/config/mighty/cheats as XXXXXX.gct, XXXXXX_2.gct or XXXXXX_3.gct
    o Alternative DOL
    Some games needs to load an alternative DOL to work correctly. Mighty Loader has an internal database with almost all games that need this feature. You can select which one to use.
    o IOS Reload
    You can specify which IOS (from 245 to 250) to use with the selected game. Waninkoko's cIOS rev21 installer can install his cIOS in any of these slots.
    * Select a game and hold B button, you will be able to move the selected game to another slot. This way you can sort games like you want.
    * You can select which IOS to load by default for all games by using Homebrew Channels parameters from meta.xml (remove the commented lines first).
    * Covers are stored in sd:/config/mighty/covers/, you can download them from WiiTDB or download them automatically from HOME menu. You can use your own images too, just follow these rules:
    o PNG format
    o RGB (no indexed palette)
    o 160x224 pixels
    o Filename: XXXXXX.png
    * Mighty Loader look can be modified using a custom skin.
    Copy all files on skin_example directory in sd:/config/mighty/ and edit them like you want following these rules:
    o PNG format
    o RGB (no indexed palette)
    o don't change the image sizes
    * All games you play with Mighty Loader will be logged in Wii's Play Log like if you were playing from the original DVD disc.[/SPOILER]

    [SPOILER="About images"]How to load images
    * You can download them from:
    or download them automatically from HOME menu of USB Loader mrc
    * Place them at sd:/usbloader_mrc/
    * Images that end with _banner are used in the banners view mode, and the ones
    that end with _cover are used in the cover view mode (you can change the view
    mode with B button).
    * You can create your own images too, if you push HOME you can see the ID code
    of the selected game (6 characters), you must follow these rules:
    * PNG format
    * RGB
    * no indexed palette
    * Sizes:
    * 192x64 for banners
    * 128x176 for covers
    * Tags:
    * _banner.png for banners
    * _cover.png for covers
    * File names:
    * 3 first characters for any region of the game
    * all 6 characters for a region of the game
    * example:
    * RSP_banner.png: will load the banner for any
    version of Wii Sports
    * RSPP01_cover.png: will load the cover for Wii Sports
    PAL version only[/SPOILER]
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    Aside from no fat32 support it sounds worth looking into. I'm not switching back to wbfs, but still sounds neat.

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    I'm going to give it a try when I get home. I love GX but the minimalist approach and better looking GUI definitely catch my attention.
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    Does it work with Sneek ?

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    force ntsc not working any reason why this is

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    I tried this out, not bad, but I'm sticking with CFG. I could only load games from cIOS rev17, since cIOS rev20/21 do not support my usb hdd. Too bad Hermes cIOS is not supported with this. I used the network download to get my covers, it took about 8 minutes for a 500GB usb hdd, and all the covers downloaded. The games are not in order, but you can move the covers around, that way you can put the most played games in the first pages. To the poster above me, get games that match the region of your Wii, that way you will not have to worry about why the force region doesn't work.

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    Look like so nice "simple", but really hope can support to FAT/NTFS formated.

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