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Thread: Simulated Real Skiing, where is proper Ski Simulation on Wii?

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    Simulated Real Skiing, where is proper Ski Simulation on Wii?

    My Homebrew Ski Game Idea.

    (Assuming I have worked out how the balance board works from wikipedia, I dont own one)
    First of all I would make it so you have to attach a Nunchuck to both Wiimotes and use both of them, but have the wiimotes clipped to your body(maybe a belt of some kind), so they are out the way.
    Right so you have a nunchuck in each hand. The left Nunchuck C button makes your Left foot tilt 45 degrees, inwards, right, while the left Nunchuck Z button makes your left foor tilt 45 degrees outwards left.
    Also the right nunchuck C button makes your right foot tilt inwards left, while the right nunchuck Z button makes your right foot tilt outwards right.
    The Nunchuck Joysticks In each hand are used to control the corresponding foot respectively. (Left hand nunchuck, left Ski in Game. Right hand nunchuck. right Ski in Game)

    The Balance boards sensors will be used to the maximum functionality, all Four of them.
    So lets say I want to do snowplough, I would use both C buttons, and rotate the thumbsticks Inwards. And shift my body weight onto my Left inside, downhill, small toe (to turn right), while rotating my right foot with the right thumbstick, gradually bringing in the left thumbstick into play, to shape the whole turn, maybe putting a little more presure on the front left foot balance board sensor.
    I mean, can you just imagine how much fun, a Ski game would be, if someone could finally give Ski games the Flight Sim treatment, It would probably go down in history, and the maker of said game would win an Emmy or an Oscar!!.

    ^^Shifting my weight would happen with the balance board, except unlike all the commercial Wii ski games, shifting my weight, on each foot, between the ball of my foot and the toe, would change the pressure on each ski separately and respectively.

    Or lets say I wanted to do a Right Parallel turn.( And maybe link lots of Short Radius turns together)

    I would put pressure on the front left foot sensor, while rotating both thumbsticks together right.
    LN+C Button; RN+Z button, near the fall line of the turn.
    You could even use the Nunchuck motion controls to do the Pole plants.

    I have never had any strong passion or love for Snow sports video/computer games, because it’s one thing video/computer games have never, IMO, been able to get right. We have flight Sims such as Microsoft’s Flight Simulators, and they do an amazing job at simulating a flight experience. Every detail, of plane flight, seems carefully and painstakingly captured. There isn't a single detail that Flight Sims cut corners with!!

    I have just seen a clip on YouTube of "Wii Ski", and after I watched it it reminded me that this is something that every ski game has got wrong, right into the depths of gaming, and arcade history. You don’t spend your whole time carving on a Ski Slope. There are other things you can do with your skis. Like "Snowplough turns", "Stem Christies", "Short Radius Parallel Turns", "Long Radius Turns". "Ski Backwards", "Hockey Stops", "Skating your skis".

    And what if I want to climb back up the hill in a Ski Game, and I want to choose between, putting my Ski's in an "V" or "Side Stepping", how is Nitendo going to Cater to that?

    I haven't quite learned how to do Real carving since I bought my own Boots,(they were Wedze ALU 10's, I know I'm a cheapskate) but, without sounding really arrogant, I could probably just go ahead and assume Nintendo got that one wrong too.
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    Is no one going to reply??

    Doesn't anyone have anything to add, or give an opinion of theirs maybe??

    I mean, anything to say whatsoever??


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