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Thread: Copying Brawl/Animal Crossing/Other Data + Twilight Hack

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    Copying Brawl/Animal Crossing/Other Data + Twilight Hack

    I've been reading up on Wii homebrew, and I found that by installing the homebrew channel, you are able to copy game save data from games like Brawl or ACCF that are normally blocked.

    The first method I found was Gecko OS Rebooter. That seemed like it would be perfect, but the problem is that I foolishly installed menu 3.4 on my Wii--as far as I can research, it seems like the Rebooter (with "remove copy flags") won't work.

    So, I found a second method--Savegame Extractor. However, I could not tell whether it was compatible with Wii Menu 3.4, nor could I find whether it could, like Gecko, allow the game to then be transferred to a Wii via normal means (i.e. to an unmodded Wii).

    My Wii Menu is 3.4, and I do not have the Homebrew channel yet. What is the best way to be able to achieve my goals (being able to copy all my data from the Wii to another, unmodded Wii)? If I don't have to, I don't want to downgrade.

    Thanks in advance.

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    their blocked for a reason, if the FC is attached it can brick your wii :3

    yup wont work, and u need the rebooter to put it on the wii as well

    neither works like that, neither will let a unmodded wii use them, u need it to add or remove

    get twilight hack, and install with twilight princess
    then read canada's post
    downgrade, and enjoy

    everything u need and more

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    I read at that there's a new feature of Gecko OS that lets you copy game data to unmodded wiis.

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    the wii still needs to let you move a gamesave from the SD card, onto the wii, and if the wii doesnt accept it off to wii, why would it let u put it back on...


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