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    have one question

    My wii was bought and modded since last April. It is Japanese version, if I need to play new game. Do I need to upgrade my chip again? The backup games have black screen is it because the buring problem? Thanks

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    give more info please

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    I don't know what is my modchip, caused the place I bought the Wii, they help me do the mod. I just know my chipset most likely GC2R-D2A. I can play Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, but I can't play Animal crossing, Mario Kart....When I load the game the have the menu, after I choose the game what to play. It just black screen, so I don't know is the disk problem or my modchip too old, can't play new game?

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    oh this is simple xD *THIS IS WHY U GIVE MORE INFO XD*
    Animal crossing need IOS 38
    and Mario Kart needs another one

    get mario kart in your region, DONT BRICK BLOCK OR PREVENT IT IN ANYWAY, and update BUT ONLY IN YOUR REGION!

    animal crossing, get homebrew channel, then get wad manager, search for IOS 38, in the DL section, and follow the prompts to install

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    Thanks! I will try. Those discs not burnt by myself. I don't know what region she help me to burn.


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