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Thread: Call of duty black ops Clan fc

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    Call of duty black ops Clan fc

    hey people
    if you have call of duty black ops and dont have a clan go here and
    ill accept you in to my clan

    1. When in profile selection click rename and type this in ^5[aset]^0(your cod name)
    Then your name should appear like this e.g mine [aset]Nightsaber
    enjoy the clan also add me to my fc
    ^1= red
    ^4= blue
    6789 i forgot

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    for the people that want to join post ur cod info or add me to ur ally list thanks

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    How many ppl r in ur clan

    lets all do the chacha dance v(^_^v)♪

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    ummmm about 560+ getting more people in due to they quit to another clan


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