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Thread: pal backups with d2sun ?

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    Smile pal backups with d2sun ?

    Hi guys
    i just joined the forum today so i hope im not reposting or nything

    im about to get my wii modded with d2sun chip installed

    i was wondering will i be able to play PAL backups on my wii ? i have an ntsc wii


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    Yes, but remove the update, or install starfall, if u update youll brick :3

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    thanks for the reply
    im a little new to this, can u tell me how do i install starfall ?

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    its a app in homebrew channel, just load it, then follow the prompts, then disable Updates, and whatever else u want

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    thanks for your reply
    i have a GC2-D2C (v1) so im told i have three options for modchips, i am wondering which one would u get if u were to choose from d2sun 1.53, WiiKey 2, or d2pro9 !!!

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    d2pro9 is my recommendation as well. if you're local to us maybe you want to come by and I can go through the differences in person as well. 1 Year warranty on Installation & Chip, including updates etc.

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    are you at major mackenzie dr. or u have someother location too, im in scarborough

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    hey guys i really appreciate ur help so far, im glad i found this forum

    i got my wii modded today the guy only had d2sun chip available so got that, when i try to play backup game it says update wii, or turn off console and hold power button if u want to cancel the update i did that but it keeps showing me the update .... i know i already asked it but i would really appreciate if someone can tell me how to disable the updates step by step or provide me a link or something to do that,

    thanks for ur help again

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    get starfall
    do the same as any other homebrew app
    boot it in homebrew channel
    follow the prompts

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