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Thread: Wiiflow settings problem

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    Wiiflow settings problem

    I got the Wiiflow 2.2 installed - works fine.
    I tried to change the Theme and set Default video mode to NTSC. I can change the entries on the screen, but clicking Back doesn't save my settings. On the next Wiiflow session the the values are being changed back to DEFAULTs.

    What am I doing wrong? What am I missing?

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    Try setting it on you pc open wiiflow.ini and set what you want

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    You can also delete wiiflow.ini and then let willow create it again on startup then change your settings and see if that works.

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    If you are running WiiFlow from the USB, there is a setting you need in <root>\apps\WiiFlow\wiiflow.ini
    Under [GENERAL]

    Change it to "no" if you run WiiFlow and settings from the SD card

    hope this helps

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