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Thread: Can you add Homebrew with Mod Chip, No Zelda?

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    Exclamation Can you add Homebrew with Mod Chip, No Zelda?

    Hi im new so sorry if ive posted this in the wrong section!

    I was wondering if there was a way of adding the homebrew channel and any .wad files without the using the twilight hack. i do have a mod chip.

    thanks in advance ur help will be much welcomed!

    Also can i play NTSC games on my wii if i have a eupoean console, (I have a modchip)
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    if you have firmware 3.2 or lower Yes *wii > settings > top right* just burn the ISO on the site, and install it
    if not no, but once its installed zelda isnt needed
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    keep your fingers crossed that you're below that 3.2. If not, you'll need the game to install the Homebrew Channel and eventually downgrade to 3.2

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    Thanks!!!.... SO i can do it if my firmware is 3.2 or less all i have to do is burn the hombrew iso and put it in? also about .wad files do i do the same with them?

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    -.- no you load them in homebrew channel
    boot wad manager in homebrew channel
    then follow the prompts and install

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    I am sure I just missed this somewhere, I am new to the wii hacking (installed the lastest wiikey2 today). I am not new to this sort of thing though, past projects include original PS, Tivos, Sat. Receivers, etc.) It seems like there is a lot of info that applies to specific versions of firmware, etc. and a lot of the info seems to be a little dated. My US Wii is at 3.3U currently and as I said, I have the latest wiikey2 with the v.1.2 firmware installed and running (ran a backup pal WallE game to check). The specs for the wiikey2 say "Direct boot of homebrew in GC mode" I know it has been said over and over that you can only install homebrew from dvd (without Zelda) with ver. 3.2 installed. I see that there are ways around installing (all of which require the zelda game right?) homebrew with any version. My questions is (forgive me if I am reading this wrong and there is only one actual way that involves downgrading) what is better, A) to just downgrade to 3.2 and then use the dvd install without Zelda, or B) to go the other route and install with Zelda and one of the newer versions of the homebrew installer? I am really just looking for the easiest way to dump games and it looks like Cios Dvd Dumper is the best method using a usb thumbdrive (although I can't seem to find out if that actually works and if it will work with say an 8gb thumbdrive, I see differring oppinions).

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    thumb drives dont work, period

    and no, because the other signing method got patched, so 3.3+ = zelda *except for v1 3.3 so you can try it, but the odds are like Null, and not worth getting into the V 1 2 3 talk*

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    Thanks for the quick response. I will d/l a copy of the zelda game and go from there.

    Considering my chip and version, whats the easiest/quickest method of making backups of original games? Using the homebrew and dvddumper over a wifi connection to a pc or what?

    Thanks for your help.

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    that would be the one, since its free, the rest cost money

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    So just to clarify for myself (and anyone else who searches.)

    If I have 3.4, there is no way to install the homebrew channel other than the twilight hack.


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