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Thread: NBA 2k11 online issues

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    NBA 2k11 online issues

    Hi, guys. I got a problem with NBA 2k11 failing to find a match via the Pick-up game menu in My Player mode. I run the game on 4.2e softmodded Wii, tried both USB Loader GX and CFG Loader, tried with few different IOS but no luck. The game signs in, but can't find a match. I tried the autmoatch option from the main menu and I just played a game (well only few minutes, then it said connection is poor and the game was terminated). Living Rosters, NBA Live and stuff works fine. I see there are 2500 people online, I can join a crew but can't see other online players and if I choose automatic team-up with my player the game can't find a match either. Once I managed somehow to join a pick-up loby with one more player, but in a minute or two he left, but that was only once. It seems I have problems only with the pick-up games in My Player mode and team-up games. I can play all other games I have online (e.g. Black Ops, MH3, Golden Eye etc.). I got a 40Mbit/sec wi-fi connection.

    I think I'm not receiving correct information about other players. In the crew page it shows only 3 crews to have ever played a game and if I select one of their playres it says - 0 games, 0 points etc.
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    A lot of times (not saying in this case) you'd see this type of result if you were attempting to connect to a server not from your region (relating to an out of region game). What does the original disc do?

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    Don't have it, so I can't check. When I got the game I was at my parents' place (500km away from here). I backed it up and since I don't need the disk to play the game I completely forgot bout it :/

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    Also the game keeps saying there's not enough space to save new data, when I have more than 600 blocks on my Wii. I calculated the total of required space and it is a little bit over 300 (without replays but I don't have any).

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